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Midy offers a simpler and more secure way to validate your identity with online services, putting you more in control of your personal data.

Built by security experts

Midy comes from GenTM, the company that built these identity, privacy, and security products:

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Midy makes verifying your identity easier and allows you to forge stronger connections with the people and organizations you interact with.

Midy is all set up. Midy makes it simpler and safer to verify your identity online.

Why use Midy?

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Build a trusted
online presence

Verifying your identity boosts your credibility online by helping to reassure people and brands that your profile is authentic.

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Prove you're you without sacrificing your privacy

Confirm your identity when signing up for partnered services and apps without handing over unnecessary personal information or having to repeatedly share your ID documents.

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For your eyes only

Midy securely stores and encrypts your identity data, meaning that no one can read or access your sensitive information without your consent. 

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